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Adventure Begins At Your Library  (FOR ADULTS!) 

A poster with a camping scene promoting a library's summer reading program.

 2024 Summer Reading Program



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 The More You Read, The Greater Your Chances to Win!  



Welcome to the 2024 Adult Summer Reading Program at Willard Public Library! Embark on a literary journey filled with excitement, mystery, and discovery! Get ready for an epic adventure!

The 2024 Adult Summer Reading Challenge is designed as a choose-your-own-adventure style reading contest. As a participant, you have the opportunity to explore a variety of books and genres, choosing your own path through the summer reading program.


How to Participate:

Register: Sign up at the library's front desk or register online using the form below to participate in the Adult Summer Reading Program. 

Choose Your Adventure: Select books from our vast Adult Services collection. All eligible books must be borrowed from the Adult Services Department at WPL or from the Indiana Digital Library via the Libby app.

Track Your Progress: Keep track of the books you read using your reading log. You can pick up a reading log at the library or print it youself using the link at the top of this page.  You may complete as many reading logs as you like without duplicating titles.

Earn Chances to Win: Submit your reading log at the Adult Services desk anytime before 5:30pm on August 3, 2024. Earn one raffle ticket per title completed. The more books you read, the greater your chances to win!

Pick Your Path: Submit your raffle tickets into the adventurer prize drawing(s) that best suits you!


Adventurer Prizes:

The Outdoor Adventurer: These individuals thrive in the great outdoors, seeking adrenaline-pumping activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping, and kayaking. They are always on the lookout for the next thrilling expedition to conquer nature's challenges.

Prize: Hiking backpack, insulated water bottle, portable charger, s’mores kit


The Culinary Adventurer: For culinary adventurers, the exploration of food is an adventure in itself. They delight in sampling cuisines and embarking on gastronomic journeys to discover the flavors of different cultures and regions.

Prize: $150 gift cards to local international cuisine eateries


The Traveling Adventurer: Traveling adventurers are constantly exploring new destinations, immersing themselves in different cultures, and seeking out unique experiences around the globe. They are fueled by wanderlust and a curiosity for the unknown.

Prize: Mini Instant camera + film, passport holder, neck pillow


The Armchair Adventurer: These adventurers embark on journeys through pages and screens (without ever leaving home!). They are drawn to stories that transport them to new worlds and ignite their imagination.

Prize: Kindle e-reader, throw blanket, snack basket

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