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Support the Library

All contributions to Willard Library are greatly appreciated, are tax deductible and are acknowledged, in the following ways:

Stacks of various books, likely used or second-hand, bundled together with elastic bands.
  • Donors receive written acknowledgement of gifts.
  • Living tribute honorees receive notification of the contribution with the name of the person making the gift.
  • The family of a decedent receives notification of a memorial gift contribution with the name of the person making the gift.


Types of Giving

Major Gifts 

Major gifts benefit Willard Library via the Willard Library Foundation, Inc.

The Willard Library Foundation exists to preserve Willard Library for future generations. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Donors to the Willard Library Foundation receive a written acknowledgment of thanks.

Planned Giving 

Planned giving to the Willard Library Foundation may be made through membership in the Foundation’s 2nd Century Club. Through planned giving, Willard Library is included in a donor’s long-range plans, through bequest, insurance, trust or charitable remainder trust, or outright gift.

Memorial/Living Tribute Giving 

Memorials and living tribute gifts allow a donor to specify how a gift should be used. Givers typically designate these funds for Willard Library, often to a designated department or for a particular type of library material.

Make a contribution today. E-mail Arrika Taylor or call 812-425-4309.