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Sue Berry,  Vannetta McDowell

Sue Berry

Sue Berry is a native Kentuckian who loves history. She began researching her family as a research project while in high school. She is most proud of the Veterans in her family. Her father was a veteran of WWII, his grandfather of the Civil War, and his grandfather of the American Revolution. She hopes to impress on others to research their family and find the parts they played in history. Everyone has a story to tel


Sue Berry

9:00  Culinary Genealogy: What food traditions to you have in your family? Where did the recipes come from? Why do you serve a certain recipe in a particular dish? Most all families have culinary traditions they pass from generation to generation. What is your family traditions and where did they originate?

Sue Berry

11:00 Digging Up Bones: - Do you have a family secret? Maybe there’s a skeleton in a closet somewhere. Come to this work shop and explore those interesting “charters” who may have an interesting story to tell in your family.

Vannetta McDowell

2:00 Genealogy Societys

Now that you have done the research, how can you use it to honor your colonial and military ancestors? 

In this program you will learn about local lineage Societies.  The following have all graciously agreed to send a representative: 

     Captain Henry Vanderburgh DAR 

     Captain Jacob Warrick DAR

     Evansville Society CAR

     Ohio Valley Chapter SAR

     Hugh McGary Sr. 1812 USD

     Brigadier General Eli Huston Murray NSDU 1861-1865 

     Thomas Sprigg Sr National Society Colonial Dames 17c 

     Civil War Sons of Union Veterans 

We will discuss the application process and which documents you will need to use as proof of relation to connect the generations. 

If you have been thinking of joining a society, bring your research and have your questions answered by representatives of these organizations.