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Robert and Patricia Johnson

The Robert and Patricia Johnson Trust generously bequeath the Willard Public Library, a large donation among several other local organizations.

The remarkable legacy of Robert A. Johnson and Patricia "Pat" Johnson '45 will continue to make a profound impact on the community. Robert and Pat Johnson dedicated their lives to service and education. Robert, a steadfast farmer, and Pat, an esteemed educator, embodied the values of hard work, service, and a deep commitment to community betterment. Their enduring dedication continues to inspire countless individuals.

Special thanks to Michele Knutson and her family who presented the donation. We are proud to know the story of Pat walking to the Willard Library every Saturday from their home on 4th and Columbia. The Willard Library was clearly a special place for both Robert and Pat. This generous gift from their life work will tremendously impact preserving the Willard Library for future generations of people who will use the library as Robert and Pat did during their lives. We are incredibly grateful to Robert and Pat Johnson and the support of their whole family.

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