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The Grey Lady Ghost

Vintage portrait of a woman with curly hair, profile view. Black and white oval photograph.
  • The Grey Lady was last reportedly sighted on August 10, 2010 in the basement hallway by the Assistant Children’s Librarian.
  • Psychics visiting the library in 2007 say they were able to verify that a ghost has been there, and paranormal investigative groups have brought in equipment designed to locate it.
  • Several library employees have reported seeing the ghost, including Margaret Maier, Children’s Librarian, and Helen Kamm, Library Assistant.
  • During a visit to the library, lecturers from the University of Southern Indiana say they saw the ghost peering into water.
  • Policemen responding to a security alarm at the library spotted two ghosts in an upstairs window of the library.
  • A library patron reported an encounter with the Grey Lady in the library elevator, and a local weathercaster also reported an encounter with the spirit.
  • Hundreds of people look for the Grey Lady every October, during Ghost Tours sponsored by the library. Eight—hundred curious individuals attended the first such tour in the late 1990s, which have been a popular annual event ever since. Check the calendar of library events for upcoming tours.

Unexplained Occurrences

  • Water turned on or off
  • Smell of perfume
  • Feeling of cold
  • Noises
  • Books and furniture found moved
  • Feeling of touch on hair and earrings
  • Odd items found in library